Barbara Berlusconi

This page is about the best known member of Silvio Berlusconi's family (apart from the progenitor, of course) the larger-then-life Barbara Berlusconi, a pretty attractive young woman, apart from being a member of the board of directors of AC Milan and a few other things... Since she already owns a quite estensive space on the family page, this page is going to collect the best pictures and photos of the blondest of the Berlusconis.

Barbara was born 30 July 1984 in Arlesheim, Basel-Landshaft, Switzerland, her birth had to be kept secret because at that time Silvio Berlusconi was married to Carla Dall'Oglio, whilst the mother of Barbara was Veronica Lario. The situation might have turned out complicated to explain to the Christan Democrats, allies of Berlusconi's friend Bettino Craxi.

A young Barbara Berlusconi with his father at the stadium
When a child, her father used to take her to  to watch the stunningly successful AC Milan's games, at the Meazza stadium in Milan's San Siro district.

Barbara was brought up in Arcore's home of the Berlusconi's, in Villa San Martino (later on the manor will become famous for the so-called bunga bunga parties and the myriad of Mr Berlusconi's women, but that's another story). 

Barbara Berlusconi with her father, her mother, brother, sister, his father escort and Carabinieri

She went to school at the Steiner school of Milan, an institute that applies the Waldorf education approach. During the secondary school years Barbara attended the Institute Villoresi College of Monza in Italy, and then Vita-Salute [Life-Health] San Raffaele University, founded and run by Don Verzè until 2011. In July 2010 she graduated in Philosophy, and gained a first class degree, with 110/110 cum laude.

On the day Barbara Berlusconi was awarded the degree in Philosophy,
with her father Silvio
Don Verzè's university is located in Via Olgettina, the same street where Silvio Berlusconi's associates has been keeping a bunch of young women (the bunga-bunga army) to be utilised during the so called bunga-bunga parties.

Vita-Salute [Life-Health] San Raffaele University, Via Olgettina 58

She has two sons, Alessandro and Edoardo, born from her relationship with Giorgio Valaguzza (in 2011 the couple split, the children remained with the mother). 

Barbara Berlusconi and Filippo Inzaghi: are they (not so) secret lovers?

In November 2014 a rumour had it that something was going on between Barbara and the handsome new head coach of AC Milan - and former striker of the club - Filippo Inzaghi (aka Pippo). The club, Pippo Inzaghi, Barbara Berlusconi, they all firmly denied that. As it happened when the blonde daughter of Slivio Berlusconi started flirting with Felipe Pato, player of the rossoneri. Anyhow, in June 2015 Pippo was sacked and the gossip stopped.

Barbara with Alessandro and Edoardo
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