Berlusconi's Headgear

Berlusconi has worn a wide range of headgear during his life, to show off, to impress women, to protect himself, to state his style, or just for a laugh... you can never know what will go to Silvio's head. Keep you posted.


As Silvio Berlusconi was dismissed from Milan's hospital San Raffaele (were he sought relief from uveitis and judiciary), on 16 March 2013 he appeared with a kind of dark blue baseball cap (not a Yankees' one, though) and a minimalist attire. A bit funny, a bit post-communist, we might say, isn't it? Perhaps Korean leader Kim Jong-un might like it.

Dark blue baseball cap and post-communist minimalist attire for Silvio Berlusconi leaving San Raffaele hospital


A quintessential Italian company – Borsalino, form Alessandria (Piedmont) – is the supplier for the headgear Silvio Berlusconi showed off in the last months of 2012.

The borsalinos are felts made from Belgian rabbit fur (we learn from English Wikipedia).

Silvio Berlusconi wearing a quite serious Borsalino hat
Silvio wearing a Borsalino hat
during the electoral campaign

The former prime minister started to wear it as he was in a foul mood, almost obliged to get into primary election within his party, the People of Liberty.

In 2013 as the worst was over (and polls confirmed his party was gaining while the general election appear in the offing), Silvio seemed to have abandoned the old styled hat.


In the aftermath of the terrible earthquake that shook Abruzzo's capital l'Aquila in April 2009, Silvio Berlusconi visited the historical centre of the city wearing a fireman's helmet, in order to protect himself and get a kind of “look du rĂ´le”. In that oaccasion the then-PM Berlusconi dispensed precious advices to the shcok wave-stricken population.

Silvio, as a fireman

The next month he will be back to L'Aquila, this time wearing a cook hat; gravity gave way to levity.

A cook's cap for Silvio


The Panama hat was added to the list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage. Silvio Berlusconi... not yet. He was wearing one of those nice hats in Sardinia, in the summer of 2008.

Silvio wearing a nice Panama hat


G8 in Calgary (Canada), the Stetson is the official headgear. That was a headgear Silvio had been missing out, until that point.

A Dallas-style Silvio


As Tony Blair British prime minister and his wife Cherie Booth arrived in Sardinia, Silvio was waiting there wearing a bandanna, a picture became quite popular around the world. Allegedly the Italian politician was hiding the results of a hair implantation (and/or other plastic surgery operations), which became a major mock among Italian comedians. Berlusconi did look funny, didn't he?

Silvio wearing the famous bandanna


Everybody knows Vladimir Putin is a very good friend of Silvio Berlusconi, when they met in 2003 they both wore the typical Russian ushanka, a kind of bonding technique. Scandalmongers will say they did have other bonding sessions, at Silvio's Villa Certosa, sessions that involved young women (and not necessarily ushankas...).

Silvio and Vladimir, wearing ushankas
(and watching something funny on a Soviet iPad)


December, Silvio boasted of a builder's helmet, as he visited the site of a gallery construction under the Raticosa pass in the Apennine Mountains. The gallery – which was more or less finished by the end of 2005 – is needed for the high-speed rail between Florence and Bologna.

Silvio, the builder


But it's not finished yet...

Berlusconi coppola

Berlusconi stupida

Berlusconi kippah (con Francesco Cossiga)
Berlusconi wearing a kippah
(with former President of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga)