Berlusconi's Family

This page is about the members of Silvio Berlusconi's family of the past and present. Former wives Carla Elvira Dall'Oglio and Veronica Lario, children Marina Berlusconi, Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Barbara Berlusconi, Eleonora Bartolini and Luigi Berlusconi, and much, much more. The future? Quite difficult to predict, knowing good ol' Silvio: women come, and women go...

A photo of Silvio Berlusconi with three of his children: Maria Elvira Berlusconi (nicknamed Marina) and Pier Silvio Berlusconi - both by first wife Carla Elvira Lucia Dall'Oglio - and Barbara Berlusconi, by then lover Veronica Lario (later the actress will become the tycoon's second wife). Veronica gave birth to Barbara when Silvio was still married to Carla Elvira.

Famiglia Berlusconi in fotografia, Silvio con Barbara, Marina e Piersilvio
Left to right, Marina, Barbara, Silvio, Piersilvio

Fotografia di Silvio Berlusconi e Carla Elvira Lucia Dall'Oglio
Silvio and Carla Elvira Lucia
Carla Elvira Lucia Dall'Oglio, first wife of Silvio Berlusconi. She was born in La Spezia (Liguria), 12 September 1940, then she moved to Milan with her family.

Silvio and Carla encountered for the first time in 1964, at a bus (or tram, according to the sources) station, in the square near Milan's Central Station. It's love at first sight. Following a quick engagement, they married in 1965 (on 6 March, at San Giminiano Avenue's parish church, in Milan).

The couple had two children: Maria Elvira, better known as Marina (born 1966) and Pier Silvio (born 1969). Carla and Silvio divorced in 1985.

After the separation, Carla Elvira Dall'Oglio moved into an apartment of three rooms and facilities on the ground floor in via Ambrogio Alciati 7 (the first building built twenty years before the duo Berlusconi-Canali), in Milan, and she alternate long stays in England.

Silvio Berlusconi and his bride Veronica Lario in 1990
Veronica Lario (real name: Miriam Raffaella Bartolini), second wife (born 19 July 1956, in Bologna). Veronica is a former actress, they met at Berlusconi-owned Milan's Manzoni theatre in 1980, after the play "Il Magnifico Cornuto" ("The Magnificent Cuckold") in which the actress played topless (and rumours has it that Silvio is very keen on nude or half-naked women...).

During their illicit relationship (which started soon afterwards), Veronica/Miriam secretly moved into Fininvest headquarter: Villa Borletti (via Rovani, Milan).

Immagine di Silvio Berlusconi e Veronica Lario insieme
Silvio and Veronica, more recently
Veronica and Silvio got married in 1990 (15 December), she was 32, he was 56, after she gave birth to three children: Barbara (1984), Eleonora (1986) and Luigi (1988).

They decided to separate in 2010, but the judgement of "non-consensual separation" was filed in 2012, on Christmas day.

Silvio Berlusconi accepted to pay a 3.0 million euro monthly alimony (actually in 2013 he appealed against the sentence...) and allowed her to live in their luxury home in Milan. According to the judges' decision, the former prime minister will keep Villa Macherio (worth 78m euro), where Veronica and her children Luigi and Eleonora used to live. Appearing in an interview on La7 TV channel on 8 January 2013 Silvio would state that the "ridiculous settlement" was a scandal, decided by three "feminist and communist" she-judges.

Veronica Lario with her daughter Barbara Berlusconi
Veronica (right) and Barbara
Veronica publicly criticise Silvio's passion for under-age girls and bunga bunga parties, especially when his husband decided to participate to 18-year-old Noemi Letizia birthday party, in Casoria (North of Naples), back in 2009. More precisely she said that Silvio «suffers from uncontrollable sickness for women» and he is «consorting with minors». In April 2013 Noemi Letizia's former agent - Francesco Chiesa Tenori - in an interview declared that the blonde model, as well as the Moroccan nightclub dancer Ruby the Heartstealer,revealed to him that she had sex with Silvio Berlusconi when still a teenager (Letizia was a teenager, not Silvio). The divorce between Silvio and Veronica-Miriam-Raffaella was completed in February 2014, though discussions over the alimony are likely to linger on.

According to IMDb, she played altogether in two TV series and two cinema movies.

Allegedly both Veronica and Silvio underwent plastic surgery, carried out by Iranian guru Dr Christian Chams.

Immagine di Maria Elvira Berlusconi
Maria Elvira aka Marina

Marina Berlusconi (real name: Maria Elvira, born on 10 August 1966, Milan), daughter.

She is the chairman of Fininvest Holding and Arnoldo Mondadori Editore publishing group. She's married to Maurizio Vanadia, a former Teatro alla Scala first dancer.

Rumours say that Vanadia had been cohabiting with Berlusconi's plastic surgeon (Angelo Villa) in the past.

In 2010 she appeared in Forbes' The World's 100 Most Powerful Women, ranking 48. She was the only Italian female included in the list.

Letizia Moratti, when mayor of Milan, awarded Maria Elvira with the Gold Medal of the Municipality of Milan (Ambrogino d'Oro), as en "example of Milan's excellence in the world and capacity of reconcile professional engagement with family life.".

She has two sons, Gabriele (born in 2002) and Silvio (born in 2004).

After Silvio Berlusconi's definitive conviction for tax fraud in August 2013, Marina has being named as his heir as leader of the centre-right movement, which is going to change its dubbing People of Liberty back to the original Forza Italia (Let's Go Italy).

Foto Pier Silvio Berlusconi fitness
Pier Silvio Berlusconi aka Dudi working out
Pier Silvio Berlusconi, son (born 28 April 1969, in Milan), Mediaset Goup's Vice-President, RTI's (Reti Televisive Italiane - Italian TV Networks) President and CEO.

He is also a member of the Boards of Directors of Fininvest SpA, Gestevision Telecinco SA, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore SpA and Publitalia '80 SpA (Wikipedia).

He is nicknamed Dudi.

In 1976 allegedly the Mafia planned his kidnap, so he moved to Spain with his family (Vittorio Mangano was the inside man, working for Silvio Berlusconi as a stable man; he was introduced to Berlusconi by his friend Marcello Dell'Utri).

Pier Silvio was indicted for fraud in the framework of the Mediatrade-RTI investigation.

He has a daughter, Lucrezia Vittoria, born in 1990 from a relationship with model Emanuela Mussida. And he has a son, Lorenzo Mattia (born 10 June 2010), from his girlfriend, Italian television host, model, Miss Italia finalist and journalist Silvia Toffanin (b. 26 October 1979, Marostica).

Pier Silvio likes to work out, as you can see from the photo. Rumours had it that he might be gay.

Barbara Berlusconi sulla copertina della versione italiana del mensile di moda Vanity Fair
Barbara Berlusconi, daughter (born 30 July 1984 in Arlesheim, Basel-Landshaft, Switzerland). Barbara's mother Veronica Lario gave birth to her secretly, since the relationship between Silvio Berlusconi and the actress was not disclosed, her godfather was Bettino Craxi.

In the past Barbara has publicly distanced herself from her father, stating that she was amazed to learn of the prime minister's relationship with teenage girls (some of the comments were made through an interview - with planty of photos - given to the fashion magazine Vanity Fair). Since then, father and daughter seem to have become closer.

Barbara has been in a relationship with former AC Milan's brasilian fooballer Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva, commonly known as Pato, since 2011 (look at them on a video on our YouTube channel).

Barbara Berlusconi with soccer player Alexandre Pato
In 2013 Pato was ceded to Brazilian side Corinthians, based in São Paulo (June 2013: rumour has it the relationship might have come to an end. Nope, counterorder. 27 June 2013, according to La Gazzetta Barbara Berlusconi is pregnant and Alexandre Pato will become a father soon. Ooops, sorry, counter-counterorder... it's official, they broke. On 2 July 2013 Pato tweeted it, Pietro Fiocchi is the new boyfriend of Barbara, according to "Chi" magazine...).

Since 2003 she's member of the board of directors of his father's company Fininvest S.p.A., in April 2011 she became a member of the board of AC Milan football club. Barbara never liked the football club's CEO Adriano Galliani - even though he has been her father's friend and business partner for years - and their relationship further deteriorated as AC Milan 2013-2014 season appeared to head into a failure. Things went to a point that Mr Galliani declared he will resign from his post, on November 28, 2013 (he later withdrew his  resignation, but remained bound to leave soon), and head coach Massimiliano Allegri was sacked in January 2014.

Nella foto Silvio Berlusconi and Barbara Berlusconi
Silvio and Barbara
Barbara Berlusconi has two children, Alessandro (b. 2008) and Edoardo (b. 2009?), their father is Giorgio Valaguzza.

Silvio's daughter Eleonora Bartolini on The Sun, as she dates Guy Binns
Silvio's daughter Eleonora Bartolini
on The Sun's webpage

Eleonora Bartolini (born 7 May 1986), daughter, second child of Veronica Lario.

She does not wear Silvio's surname, even though all the media, as well as her father, call her (or pretend to call her) Eleonora Berlusconi.

Not much is known about her, apart from the fact that she was expected to give birth in December 2012, just before Christmas (eventually the birth came late). 

The father of the child is Guy Binns, a male model from Essex, England.

Not many photos are available on the Internet either, British Newspaper The Sun partially covered the story, but it doesn't seem to raise a widespread interest.

She became mum on 8 January 2013, giving birth to a son - Riccardo - as Silvio announced the news on LA7 Italian broadcaster TV show 8 e mezzo. «The political issues are distant from me now. I became grandfather for the seventh time: a baby was welcomed by my daughter Eleonora, he weighs 3 kg and 200 grams», said the former prime minister during the interview with left-wing journalist Lilli Gruber, before starting to talk about political issues.

Immagine di Luigi e Barbara Berlusconi
Luigi and Barbara

Luigi Berlusconi, son of Silvio (born 27 September 1988 in Switzerland), third child of Veronica Lario.  In the foto he is beside his sister, Barbara Berlusconi.

The handsome son of Silvio graduated in Economics and Finance from the Università Luigi Bocconi in Milan in 2011. After then he started to study for an MBA.

Since 2007 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Mediolanum S.p.A., in December 2011 he was appointed to the position of Managing Director Responsible for Financial Management at Holding Italiana Quattordicesima S.p.A..

Since June 2012 he is a member of the Board of Directors of Fininvest S.p.A.

«Television? Not really my cup of tea» he allegedly said once «I rather like finance».

Paolo Berlusconi e girlfriend Carolina Marconi
Paolo with Carolina Marconi
Paolo Berlusconi (born 6 December 1949), brother. In 1990 he became the publisher of the daily newspaper Il Giornale (the one which later on will write that Silvio Berlusconi is just like JFK...), since Italian legislation prohibited simultaneous ownership of a newspaper and a television station.

He was sentenced 2 years and one month for fraud in January 2010 (false invoicing), but then got but pardoned.

He was married twice (with Mariella Bocciardo and Antonia Rosa Costanzo), dovorced twice, and had a few models and showgirls as girlfriends, like Katia Noventa, Natalia Estrada, Carolina Marconi, Dani Samvis, etc etc.

Though Paolo is not as good has his brother Silvio in creating often quoted remarks and quips, from time to time he will try and be funny, like when he dubbed Mario Balotelli as the "little negro of the family" (click here to see the video).

Etta with her brothers Silvio (left) and Paolo (right)
Maria Antonietta Berlusconi (Como, 9 June 1943 - Milan, 25 February 2009), sister, better known as Etta. She had three children, a daughter (Sabrina Maria Pia Beretta, she died after illness in January 2012, age 37) and two sons.

Dance and ballet were her passion, she founded a dancing school called "Principessa" (Italian for "Princess") in 2003. 

She lived in the same building as her mother, Rosa Bossi Berlusconi, 12 San Giminiano street, Milan.