Berlusconi's International Press Reviews

A collection of articles and profiles about Silvio Berlusconi, definitely the most known Italian, for better or for worse. If you are interested in a lighter depiction of the former Italian prime minister, you might like our page dedicated to the cartoonized Silvio.

The New York Times
We Are All Silvio
by Beppe Severgnini

The Guardian
Back on the trail for the Italian job

Silvio Berlusconi Flying Circus
Berlusconi's bio

The Indipendent
Profile: Italy's arch seducer

Spiegel Online
From Brash to Bawdy: Berlusconi's Most Revealing Gaffes

Silvio Screwups

Vanity Fair
La Dolce Viagra

BBC News Europe
Profile: Silvio Berlusconi, Italian prime minister (04/2011)

The Telegraph
Silvio Berlusconi: how does he do it?

Berlusconi's gaffes, quips and pranks
Berlusconi out as Italy's prime minister

Profile: Silvio Berlusconi