Sunday, 28 October 2012

Silvio Berlusconi gets angry (and decides to get back to politics)

Saturday, October 27, 2012. Silvio Berlusconi does an about-turn: he will not leave politics, because he must reform the judiciary first. And he might end support for Monti's government as well. And he is still very angry at Merkel-Sarkozy, you know why...

An angry Silvio Berlusconi
The recent sentence by a Milan's tribunal in the Mediaset-trial – last Friday Silvio Berlusconi was condemned to four years in jail, diminished to only one year thank to a tax fraud official remission – irritated the former Italian prime minister to such an extent, that he burst out talking nonsense, as usual, using its powerful media machinery.

Firstly, after having pledge to retire from the political life, he went for a volte-face and said that being Italy's democracy threatened by the judges (“It's not a democracy, it's a magistocracy” he stated yesterday) he must remain to reform the judiciary. It sounded as a proper turn-about to the Italians, a new hashtag was rapidly coined on Twitter: #ancoratu (#youagain?), to stress how they feel about it.
Secondly, he decided to threaten Mario Monti's government: the People of Liberty party might not grant the confidence to the cabinet, “its policies are deepening the recession” in the country. He obviously doesn't remember why he had to resign, almost a year ago.

Joyful Angela Merkel and Nicola Sarkozy

Third, he recalls an event that happened a year ago and which he might never forget, a malicious exchange of smiles between Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy: they “tried to murder my International credibility” would say Berlusconi in an interview on Canale 5 (Channel 5, own by the same person, Silvio Berlusconi). This last statement is just a need to give vent to his anger, supposedly, does not necessarily imply a cunning political move from the tycoon. Obviously there was no such a thing as a “International credibility” of Mr Berlusconi, after a long series of International gaffes (see our YouTube channel for some of the most juicy ones). You might remember he was filmed as he joyfully faked a doggy-style with a Belgian police woman in the streets of Brussels.

So, Berlusconi is back. It is not necessarily good news for Italy.