Monday, 5 November 2012

Silvio Berlusconi and Iliana, the South American showgirl

Sunday, November 4, 2012. Silvio Berlusconi ponders to colour the Senate of Italy by choosing an Argentinian showgirl – known for faking an orgasm on TV  as a candidate for the imminent elections. 

Most possibly Mr Berlusconi must have thought that Italians do not care about the skills of a politician, provided she can boast of large boobs, as he evaluates the candidacy of 46-year-old showgirl Iliana Calabrò for the People of Liberty (PdL) party in the Senate of Italy. 

Her tentative Italian does not prevent her from understanding the concerns and issues of Argentina's Italian community (she declared on a telephone interview with the Italian Corriere della Sera), since she take part in all their parties, events, occasions, were – of course – she would also dance and sing.

Other turns of her repertoire are: fake orgasms, ice-cream cone licking, sexy sketches.

Iliana Calabrò is the granddaughter of Italian migrants who moved to Argentina from Sicily forty years ago, she was asked to run by the PdL's Senator Esteban Juan Caselli (a.k.a. Cacho, he is somehow involved in a judicial inquest regarding Italian conglomerate Finmeccanica).
Amongst the TV shows she attended to, the Sex Stories of Ordinary People (Historias de sexo de gente común) and Dancing for a Dream (Bailando por un sueño). Iliana thinks that politics is not just about books, but more about feelings (a stand with some similarities with former councillor Nicole Minetti's point of view on politics).

If Silvio Berlusconi does not decide to withdraw the People of Freedom party's support to Mario Monti (as the media tycoon already threatened to do), in April 2013 Italians will go to the polls anyway, and the parties need to start and look for candidates (even though the voting system may change in the incoming months).

Iliana Calabrò would became just the last of a long series of voluptuous women and girls that the Italian Silvio handpicked for a political career from the show business, one of them – Mara Carfagna – even became a minister, until Mario Monti's government scrapped the Berlusconi's cabinet. Some of the women were quite busy with the infamous bunga-bunga parties, either participating or organising them (or both).

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