Sunday, 23 March 2014

Berlusconi states that none of his children will seek seats during the European elections

Saturday, 22 March 2014. During a Forza Silvio Club gathering in Rome, Silvio Berlusconi makes clear that none of his children intends to run as a candidate in the imminent European election.

Berlusconi trying to foresee the future (ANSA)
As Silvio Berlusconi was denied by Italy's highest court to ran for the EU elections, rumours spread that some of his sons and daughters would replace him, in order to boast of an elected Berlusconi", but the former prime minister of Italy said that the reports spread buy the Italian media were “all inventions”.

Berlusconi’s eldest daughter and Mediaset executive, Marina Berlusconi, has been frequently highlighted as a possible heirs to her father, since his father's judicial woes started, but she has always denied having any intention to “run on to the pitch” (a phrase Silvio used when he decided to start a political career back in 1994).

Pier Silvio and Barbara Berlusconi were the second and third choice of the Italian newspapers. Eleonora kept the name of her mother, Veronica Lario, which is Bartolini (I mean, Lario is a made up name...), so she would be out of play.

Apart from the news about his progeny's appetite for politics, the three-time former premier (and now former knight, or ex-knight, as he suspended himself from the honour, just after the ruling of the high court) talked about the EU elections.

Berlusconi with his children,
none of them seems to be attracted by politics, so far
He let know that his party – the newly formed Forza Italia – aims to convince former comedian Beppe Grillo movement's electors who are “disappointed and disgusted by the persons that are in the [Italian] parliament)” to switch side, since one-third of the votes will go to his party, one-third to Grillo's M5S (Five Star Movement) and one-third to Matteo Renzi's Democratic Party (PD), which members are militant, and therefore out of reach.

After the speech, and after having told the usual joke, Mr Berlusconi went back to his home in Arese, “heavily hurt by an unjust sentence, comforted by a selection of few friends”, as the former minister Claudio Scajola put it.