Thursday, 13 March 2014

Berlusconi: former (blonde) entourage member is arrested for possession of 24 kg of cocaine

Thursday, 13 March 2014. A blonde that escorted Silvio Berlusconi on a trip to the G8 summit in Toronto has been seized at Rome's airport with 24 kg of cocaine.

Nobody is really surprised to see Mr Berlusconi hanging around with young blonde (or dark-haired, for that matters) women, now that you know him, but back in 2010 people were a bit puzzled to see a mysterious girl popping out of the prime minister's state aeroplane in Toronto, where he flew to take part in the G8 summit.

Federica Gagliardi, aka the White Lady, when she travelled with the prime minister
of Italy - Silvio Berlusconi - to Toronto's G8 Summit (2010)
At that time the good looking female's identity was kept secret – for a while – and she was then dubbed the “white lady” by the creative Italians, since she appeared in a completely milky dress, particularly visible as compared to Silvio Berlusconi's dark blue suit or the brilliant red of the Royal Canadian guards' jackets. 

Well, it now turns out that the attractive young woman (she is around 34, we assume) sometime travels carrying around drugs, a lot of drugs for that matters.

She has been arrested by the Guardia di Finanza (a kind of economy and finance law enforcement agency), for transporting 24kg of cocaine (which is a lot, talking about narcotics...), at Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci airport, put in her luggage (which is a pretty silly thing to do).

Now, if you ask Silvio he will come out with a long and interesting story, explaining why the blonde Federica was on his presidential plane when he travelled to Hunstville (Canada), but the thing is that he has made a very bad habit out of frequenting people that gets into trouble.

Mr Berlusconi has always had a knack for bad friends
We are talking about Karima El Mahroug (aka Ruby the Heartstealer), who was arrested for theft and that started the whole Rubygate sex scandal, about Valter Lavitola, arrested for blackmailing, Lele Mora, in trouble due to drug-related offences and bankruptcy, and so on (not to mention .

Now that Berlusconi disbanded the People of Liberty people to recreate Forza Italia, he might try and disband a few old friends and walk the line, finally.